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READ MORE: Two dead, one wounded after gunman opens fire at Shops at Merrick Park He wasnt clean-shaven, Sarnoff said, which was unusual. Sarnoff described Wilson as easily the most popular trainer at the high-end gym, which is frequented by South Florida politicians, executives and lawyers. Sarnoff, an Equinox regular, said there was never a hint of violence from the buff Wilson. I used to box with Abeku, Sarnoff said. Weve hit each other pretty hard. And Ive hit him incorrectly. And he never lost his temper. BULKING UP Marvin Henderson, a Miami-based photographer, said he became close friends with Wilson when they attended the University of Miami 15 years ago. Wilson was a talented basketball player who was popular with women when he wanted to be, Henderson said. After graduating in 2005, the pair decided to become personal trainers, driving to Orlando to take their certification test. He was always smiling, always laughing, Henderson said, sounding shocked at his friends death. He was never too serious.

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Fire dept working to put out house fire on Detroit St, in Jackson. @WJTV pic.twitter.com/7BrmoLNbtE Natay Holmes (@NatayHolmes) April 12, 2017 Original Story: JACKSON, Mississippi (WJTV) Firefighters are working to put out a fire on the 700 block of Detroit Street near the intersection of Brown Street in Jackson this morning. Firefighters arrived on the scene at approximately 6:49am and confirmed a working fire. Jackson Fire Department Office of Fire Investigations Division Fire Chief Cleotha Sanders says firefighters reported that all was clear on the preliminary search and are working to extinguish the fire. Information regarding possible injuries or property damage is not available at this time. WJTV has a crew en route to the scene and will provide more information as soon as it is available. Continuing coverage of this and other stories may be found at: WJTV.com. You can also get breaking news and weather alerts by downloading the WJTV News and Weather Apps for your phone and all of your mobile devices.

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